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Partition #4 (apparition)

30 secondhand net curtains, 2 self made textiles pieces, aluminium tubes, cotton wire. 2018

Variable dimensions (The whole piece: frontside 430 cm, backside 370 cm, height 500 cm, max width 180 cm) (Self made textile pieces 172x300 cm & 153x300 cm)

A five-meter high room divider made out of second-hand net curtains around two self-made textile pieces. The ‘censored’ black squares symbolize what we hide, deliberately forget or cannot access. A work that changes with the time of day and the angle it's perceived from. The two selfmade textile pieces that forms the base of the installation shows black rectangles in four different groups on white. This Pattern is inspired by old personalized family photo albums from my grandmother.

Here seen in Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, during the group exhibition Who Are We Again? curated by Imke Ruigrok.