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Some Things Hidden

2017 - 2018

Graphics above by Atelier Roosje Klap all other images Charlott Markus.

Some Things Hidden was an exhibition project about hiding and the hidden, and about the politics of (in)visibility and what's hidden in plain sight. It departed from a long term artistic research project by artist Charlott Markus that goes under the working title Markus&I, which took its starting point in Markus’ own family history.

The project visualized itself in two different kinds of exhibitions. The first part (18 to 26 November, 2017) as a more performative, smaller version where emphasis was placed on new performances and in-situ works, presented in the original studio of Gisèle, artist and founder of Castrum Peregrini. The second part (19 January to 11 March, 2018) at Framer Framed was a bigger group exhibition where the performances got a physical form and further spatial works, video installations and photography completed the exhibition.

Both parts consisted of a selected combination of existing and new works by upcoming and internationally renowned artists of different generations.

Participating artists: Hélène Amouzou, Alexis Blake, Sara Blokland, Zhana Ivanova, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Bertien van Manen, Charlott Markus, Shana Moulton, Femmy Otten, Marijn Ottenhof, Cauleen Smith and Batia Suter.

The exhibition project Some Things Hidden is initiated and curated by Charlott Markus, with co-curator Nina Folkersma, and has been realized thanks to a collaboration between Castrum Peregrini and Framer Framed, within the Castrum Peregrini year program The Female Perspective curated by Nina Folkersma.

The project was made possible with the kind support of the Mondriaan fund, Amsterdam fonds voor de Kunst, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture & Science and Tolhuistuin. Thank you!

At both venues we organized public programs. A condensed mention of these you can see here below. For more info check out the News/Archive section.

During Amsterdam Art Weekend, there were artist talks and performative ‘gestures at Castrum Peregrini: November 18 - The opening with introduction by Charlott Markus and Nina Folkersma. November 24 - Artist Talk with Sara Blokland and Femmy Otten. November 25 - Performative ‘gestures’ by Alexis Blake and Marijn Ottenhof.

For the two months in Framer Framed, next to many guided tours and visits of schools and academies, the public program was as follows: 18 January - Opening with speeches by Charlott Markus, Nina Folkersma and Josien Pieterse. February 11 - Anthology of Anger performance by Alexis Blake. February 18 - Public tour by Nina Folkersma. February 20 - Film screening of ‘Herengracht 401’ followed by a conversation with filmmaker Janina Pigaht, Frans Damman (Castrum Peregrini) and Josien Pieterse (Framer Framed). March 4 - Public tour by artist Charlott Markus. March 11 - Finissage featuring special guests - artists Lynn Hershman Leeson & Hélène Amouzou. Starting with a public tour by Charlott Markus joined by Hélène Amouzou and is followed by an artist talk with Lynn Hershman Leeson moderated by Nina Folkersma.

In the one-off magazine ‘The Female Perspective’ published by Castrum Peregrini and edited in collaboration with Nina Folkersma and Mister Motley (Editor in chief Lieneke Hulshof) you can find that the second part of the magazine is solely dedicated to Some Things Hidden, forming the catalogue and exhibition guide to the exhibition project. The Some Things Hidden part of the magazine is focused on the exhibition concept and the participating artists, with texts based on interviews by Lietje Bauwens.

All graphics for Some Things Hidden was made by Atelier Roosje Klap, that also designed the magazine and the catalogue.