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Partition #3 (Markus&I)

Oak wood, ink print, silk thread, various textiles. 2018

Variable dimensions (wooden frame: 450 x 250 x 2 cm)

An homage to my female ancestors, whose stories are still relevant today: a tale of trauma, of strong and ‘wrong’ women. The textile pieces are kept in place only by a fine balancing act using archival clips. The possibility of them falling is always there, risking the disappearance of these stories to leave an empty frame behind. On the reverse side only the mouths of the women in the collages are visible, their eyes are hidden. This highlights the tendency to be ‘blind’ to who is telling a story or constructing a narrative, as well as to how easily a story can be altered or made to disappear.

Here seen in the group exhibition SOME THINGS HIDDEN (part 2).