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'A public sober performative dance event on International women’s day: all in all, to celebrate making conscious choices.'

Dancequality was an event on March 8, 2015, to celebrate being aware of what we think, what we see and what we do: themes that where central for my time in China. Dancequality was a surprising and stimulating happening and an event that was both well visited and appreciated.

The photograph (poster) and the event is based on the research I made in China during an Artist in residence in Beijing that was generously provided and supported by the Mondriaan Fund. For the poster image I was working with two dancers, male and female, from ‘Paper Tiger’, a Beijing based independent theater group. I wanted to embody the impressions of the everyday use of textile: from the distinguished communistic flag to the drying laundry hanging in alleys. Among other things the image embrace dualistic symbols and plays with the characteristic Chinese screen wall ‘yingbi’, which means ‘keeping something from being seen’. These ’spirit walls’ do not only hide what’s behind them but they also protect from evil spirits.