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1 Mar 2020
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I was invited to take part of the newly founded VOUCH foundation, a unique initiative by Anook Cléonne, Maarten Scheffer and Janneke Weelink for and by artists. 25 artists will each exhibit 10 works (i.e. 250 works!) on 3 and 4 April in Loods6 in Amsterdam.

A new type of event where the artists vouch for each other in terms of quality, share each other's network and share parts of the proceeds when a work is sold. Without the intervention of a third party, all proceeds will go directly to the artists and a part to sustain VOUCH for new artists to take part and share in the future.

It is an exclusive event only accessible on invitation. For more information go to the link below: here you can find all artists from both Vouch I & Vouch II, further see small video impressions of the artists and their work.

"Within Vouch, artists vouch for each other and share their networks. Vouch stands for meeting, granting, sharing and celebrating. Vouch wants people to be part of surprising, contemporary art. They do this in a very exclusive and personal way, Vouch is therefore only accessible by invitation."