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4 Mar 2018
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Please join us on March 4, 16.00 - 17.00 for an exclusive guided tour through the exhibition Some Things Hidden, by artist and Some Things Hidden co-curator Charlott Markus!

Some Things Hidden departed from an artistic research project by Charlott Markus that goes under the working title Markus&I, and which took its starting point in Markus’ own family history. When working with biographical material the artist found the overall subjects pressing and a curatorial perspective emerged. In her own words:

The Markus&I project has become something very important to me and some things are simply too important to only have a single mind’s view on it. Instead it is more interesting and essential to have a dialogue: to create an experience with others and for others where the visitor hopefully leaves with at least one eye more open, to be able to see the hidden and the unseen (the invisible), the difficult and the forgotten and most importantly, that we are able to see the structures, that we tend to hide in plain sight.

In this tour, Markus will expand on the Markus&I project, the process of getting to exhibition Some Things Hidden, and the various artistic viewpoints and artworks that are shown in the exhibition.

Please note that there are limited spots for this tour. Make a reservation via