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11 Oct 2017
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Launch: October 11, 2017


You are invited to a private view to celebrate the opening of Solitaire by Charlott Markus. To accompany the launch, author Marian Donner wrote The dreamer and the dream, designer Carla Peer produced the visual essay.

In Solitaire, Charlott Markus places a veil centre stage. Reflected by water it extends to the stars in endless ripples. The veil opens up the space, its modest 6,6m3 amplified by mise en abyme (better known as the Droste effect).

Both Veil and amplification are reminiscent of parallel universes, for what lies behind the veil? On a more mundane level, the veil could simply hide an unwanted truth or revealing ‘same mirroring mechanisms as with fake news’. The fairy-tale quality of the scene uses our longing for magic or in other words, the need for plain illusion against us.

The essay Marian Donner has written is also an amplification. Here the concept of a parallel universe meets its mathematical consequences. ‘Do you really think the moon exists only when you look at it?’, Albert Einstein asked the young quantum physicist Abraham Pais during a walk in the middle of the last century.

Taking a cue from space, time and a view. Carla Peer designed the essay by linking the text to ten random twitter images #sunset that load up on opening the pdf document. Each time the pdf is opened, the set of images will change dependent on the most recent twitter uploads. #doyoureallythinkthesunsetonlyexistswhenyoulookatit?

Probe is an online-based exhibition space by art-initiative Suze May Sho. A virtual space where every 2-months artists from different disciplines, are invited to research their own practice within a 6,6m3 real space. The scaled test-lab challenges artists to rethink their working methods. Albeit a physical space, Probe is only accessible on the Internet. The registration of the exhibition is the exhibition.

Note to press: for more information please contact:
Jessica Helbach

Made possible with the kind support of the Mondriaan Fund, Provincie Gelderland, Gemeente Arnhem and Stimuleringsfonds creative industrie.