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25 Jun 2022
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Yes, Some Things Bleak is finally here!

Come and join us at the notable Delpire & co in Paris from 6pm on Saturday June 25.

Designer Hans Gremmen and I will both be present and I am so Looking forward!

Some Things Bleak, a publication about seeing versus not seeing, about gender, class and climate, a work about representation and reproduction. In short, a vehicle for perception and togetherness.

Texts by Charlott Markus and Sophia Seawell

Designed by Hans Gremmen and printed by Zwaan Lenoir

Some Things Bleak is published by Fw.books and distributed by Idea books

The Some Things Bleak project is kindly supported by AFK – Amsterdam fund for the Arts, Stichting Stokroos, Jaap Harten fund, Tijl fund/Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Mondriaan Fund